The Shared Services SA 2016-17 Business Plan identifies four business priorities that will help us achieve our goals and contribute to DPC’s aims and the state's priorities.

Serve our customers better
Our customers are at the heart of what we do. We serve public sector employees, government departments and businesses. In 2016-17, Shared Services SA will continue to engage with and build strong partnerships with ourcustomers.

Internally, we’ll invest in our practices to improve responsiveness and assist our employees in gathering the information they need to help customers more effectively.

Meet our financial goals
We are funded by the taxpayer and it’s our responsibility to ensure those funds are spent wisely and appropriately. By decreasing the cost of service delivery through innovation and process improvements, while operating within our budget, we’ll be well placed to achieve further savings for the Government of South Australia.

Improve our processes
To deliver better customer experiences, we will continue to adopt better operational practices, simplify processes and improve services. We’ll focus on policies and procedures, data collection, reporting and change management execution.

Grow professionally 
Ensuring our employees have the right skills and capabilities to deliver the right outcomes for our customers is a key focus. Our training will further enhance leadership capabilities, recruitment processes and succession planning. We’ll also introduce Employee Accreditation and Leadership Development programs and implement strategies to diversify the workforce.