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An agile approach to project management

Shared Services SA has commenced trialling a new and exciting approach towards project management.

The ‘agile’ methodology involves bringing together a self-managing team of subject matter experts who collectively have the skills to collaborate, design, build and test to deliver project outcomes incrementally.

Two teams of employees have been assembled to trial this approach and deliver four proof-of-concept projects within the payroll and finance areas:

  • Payroll Automation – developing an example of an intelligent workflow to achieve straight through processing and elimination of manual forms and inputs
  • ProAct for Health – developing a plan to remove all remaining Health and associated employees off of manual timesheets onto the ProAct roster system
  • AR Modernisation – developing a fully-automated accounts receivable process to produce and distribute an invoice that achieves 90% automatching of payments received
  • Account Reconciliations – developing a fully-automated reconciliation process that achieves 90% automatching for all reconciliations.

These projects will explore ways to reduce manual handling, reduce paperwork and simplify, standardise and automate these processes.

The agile approach used will see the project teams adopt an incremental method of managing the projects’ design and build activities, which are completed in a series of short ‘sprints’ of two to four weeks duration.

Another central feature is the frequent and regular presentation on the projects’ progress. Every two weeks the project teams showcase what has been achieved in the previous two weeks and what will be the focus for the next fortnight.

Progress on these projects is currently underway with teams set to deliver the proof of concepts by 31 October 2016. 

Delivering these projects in an agile manner is allowing teams to explore new ways of operating and will enable Shared Services SA to test the viability of these projects for future investment.

Agile Project Wall

The Agile Wall: Showcasing the progress of the payroll agile projects