mobile application

Basware mobile application now live

Thousands of users across South Australian Government now have the added convenience of approving invoices within the e-Procurement Solution, Basware, via their mobile device.

The digital initiative went live for shared sector agencies on 20 May 2016 and across SA Health on 9 June 2016. Over 1,000 transactions have already been approved via a mobile device over that three week period.

The digital initiative will help support the public sector come even closer to achieving 100% of invoices paid within 30 days.

Mobile access is available to specific agency users with approver status and the associated financial delegations, complementing Basware IP ThinClient and ProClient functionality for approving and managing invoices in Basware.

The Basware mobile application enables users to:

  • Approve invoices electronically if the transaction is within a user’s standard financial delegation
  • Review if a transaction is outside a user’s standard financial delegation
  • Forward when a transaction has been incorrectly sent to the user
  • Return a transaction directly back to the person who actioned the invoice last. This could be Accounts Payable or another user.

This new functionality and electronic workflows will help improve invoice processing efficiency and cycle times, especially for users on the move who spend less time on a desktop computer.

All users have received instructions about accessing the application and can refer to the Quick Reference Guides available on DPC Extra (StateNet access only).

Enquiries about the Basware mobile application can be directed to the e‑Procurement Systems Support Team.

The initiative forms part of Shared Services SA’s business plan priorities to serve customers better and improve processes, well aligned with the Premier’s Digital by default policy.