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Case Management System Pilot

In future, when you contact Shared Services SA, you can be confident we will be better equipped to respond to your enquiry and deliver on our commitments. A new case management system allows us to log, monitor, report and follow-up on your enquiries, issues and requests. 

A one month pilot, using the case management system, has commenced in Accounts Payable helping us to achieve our commitment to providing a consistent, reliable and transparent level of customer service. Telephone, email and internet enquiries will be captured as the pilot progresses.

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4,000 Parental Leave Customers

The Shared Services SA Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave (CPPL) team has just processed pay for its 4,000th CPPL customer.

Implementation of the paid parental leave scheme within SA Government has been a complex process to develop and manage since its introduction in January 2011. This milestone is a great achievement reached with a minimal number of issues, helping mums and dads enjoy time with their newborn.

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Your Link in the Payment Chain

If you play a role in the procurement chain, you can help improve the timeliness of payments to suppliers by:

  • ensuring you code and approve invoices as soon as you receive the eProcurement system email alert, and
  • remembering to nominate a delegate in Basware when you go on leave.

Your timely actions along the invoice payment chain can make a big improvement on meeting the SA Government policy requiring invoice payment within 30 days.

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Invoice Scam Warning

Are you sure you are processing a genuine invoice? Several scam invoices have been received from agencies requesting payment for a directory listing.

SCAMwatch warns of an unauthorised advertising scam billing agencies for a listing or advertisement in a magazine, journal or business register/directory.

Be mindful that scam invoices can be lodged in multiple numbers and may have different recipients, order numbers and amounts and have been edited to look like invoices from genuine directory publishers. 

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Customer Service Plans in Action

Listening to our customers’ feedback has been an integral part of shaping our priorities for 2014.

Our priorities this year are to be more customer-focussed, be consistently responsive, and to maintain effective relationships internally and with our clients. We’ve already made great strides in these areas, with our most recent client satisfaction survey results showing an increase in customer satisfaction from 6.1 to 7.2.

We aim to build on this through our plans for a series of upcoming customer service improvement initiatives.

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Unveiling Our New Values

Our new organisational values have been launched and are guiding us in providing better services for a better state. Our new values align with our common Government Services Group objectives and strengthen our commitment to customer service.

We will:

  • Show We Care
  • Build Trusted Relationships
  • Deliver Results
  • Strive to be Better.

Read more about Our Values.

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Next Stage of Payroll Reform Approved

Transformation will soon be underway in Payroll Services, following Cabinet’s approval of the next stage of our Payroll Reform strategy. The strategy will see an upgrade and consolidation of the CHRIS Human Resource Management System, the main payroll processing system used within government. Thirty payroll databases will be consolidated in this process, which will bring savings and efficiencies, as well as provide future benefits for employees when transferring between agencies.

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Small Businesses Can Claim Interest

You may have heard that the Late Payment of Government Debts (Interest) Act 2013 (“the Act”) came into effect on 17 February 2014. The Act allows small business vendors (under specific criteria) to claim penalty interest from some government agencies for invoices paid outside of the standard 30 day terms. To help vendors and agencies understand the new legislation, we have developed a number of tools and reference materials.

The My Invoice website had been updated to include:

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