50,000 employees now paid via CHRIS 21

The CHRIS 21 project has reached another milestone, with approximately 50,000 public sector employees now being paid from the new CHRIS 21 environment on a fortnightly basis.

The project has now seen 27 of the 30 legacy databases successfully migrated to CHRIS 21 since December 2015.

Accounts Payable almost paperless

Accounts Payable is rising to the challenge to align with the Premier’s Digital by Default declaration, progressing a number of projects as part of its paperless strategy.

The Paperless Payments initiative is well underway to migrate vendors who currently receive cheque payments to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and electronic remittances.

Financial services automation progressing

Shared Services SA is continuing to support agencies to transition to an electronic purchase card management system and is pushing ahead with its project to automate financial reconciliations.

Approximately 2,500 users from eight SA Government agencies are now using the ANZ Expense Management System (EMS), following the recent transition of the Department of State Development and Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

Relocation to Port Adelaide on the horizon

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is supporting the SA Government’s revitalisation of Port Adelaide, and will relocate some Shared Services SA employees to a new purpose-built building in 2018.

The teams identified to move to Port Adelaide are the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Financial Services teams.

One year of transitions to CHRIS 21

More than 40,000 public sector employees across 28 different agencies are now being paid from CHRIS 21 Human Resource Management System on a fortnightly basis.

Since the first transition in December last year, 22 of 30 databases have now been successfully migrated to CHRIS 21.

A number of significant milestones have been achieved in the past couple of months, including the successful migration of the first Metropolitan Health sites – Child and Youth Health, Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Department for Health and Ageing.

Proof the agile approach works

Shared Services SA has explored ways to simplify, standardise and automate a number of financial processes, through a recent trial of the Agile project methodology.

Four proof of concept initiatives were developed between August and October using this methodology, which involved bringing together a self-managing team (from across Shared Services SA) of subject matter experts who collectively had the skills to collaborate, design, build and test to deliver project outcomes incrementally.

Preparing for paperless payments

Preparations are underway for Shared Services SA’s upcoming move to paperless payments in early 2017.

This change in operational policy will see cheque payments cease, with all invoice payments to be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and all remittance advices distributed via email.

Shared Services SA has been engaging with agencies and working through a number of complexities associated with this change. We now have a better understanding of the processes and challenges faced by some agencies, and will implement this policy change from 31 March 2017.

Digital purchase card management project progresses

Shared Services SA is assisting agencies with the transition to an electronic purchase card expense management system (EMS).

Following a successful pilot within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in May, five other SA Government agencies are now experiencing the benefits of the ANZ EMS.

Collectively, the solution has been rolled out to approximately 1,900 users across the following SA Government agencies:

·        Department of the Premier and Cabinet

·        Attorney-General’s Department

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