Payment summary distribution

Payment summaries will be issued by 14 July 2016. Employees who have recently transitioned to the new CHRIS 21 system will receive two payment summaries via post. A copy of the newer payment summary will also be available within HR21 Self-Service.

Re-issue of payment summary


CHRIS 21 Project progressing on schedule

To date, over 19,000 employees across SA Health and the shared sector have successfully transitioned from CHRIS 5 to CHRIS 21, demonstrating the system is a robust solution for the South Australian public sector.

This is a significant achievement given the challenges experienced by other jurisdictions in undertaking similar Human Resource Management System replacement and upgrade initiatives.


Our Risk Control Framework

Given the volume of transactions and the variety of services we provide, it is critical that Shared Services SA has a solid governance framework in place to minimise operational risks.

Shared Services SA has spent a significant amount of time and money since services were transitioned from agencies to ensure that a strong risk framework and culture permeates through all the services that it offers.

Improving the state’s e-commerce solution

Historically, Bizgate has been the whole-of-government preferred business solution for online payment services.

It has catered for everyday South Australian Government transactions such as government licences, registration fees, council rates, school fees, TAFE fees and many more transaction types.


Common Vendor Master File project nearing completion

Shared Services SA is continuing to progress the implementation of a Common Vendor Master File within our core financial system that will improve the visibility of government spend by vendor.

The Common Vendor Master File project standardises the maintenance of vendor information within Masterpiece by reducing the duplication of information between agencies.


Track your payroll requests with MyPayroll

Need a status update on a payroll request you have submitted? Try MyPayroll, the online tool that enables payroll customers to track the status of any new starter, transfer or termination requests submitted to Payroll Services.

There is also a wealth of payroll tips and resources available on the Shared Services SA website relating to pay, cut-off times, payment summaries, leave, CHRIS 21 and so much more.

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Call Shared Services SA on one central phone number

From 4 January 2016, Shared Services SA will have one central phone number (846 21333) for:

  • Payroll Services
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Systems Support (HRMS, Basware/e-Procurement, Masterpiece).

The shift to one central phone number will give customers easier access to all services, needing only the one phone number instead of multiple agency specific numbers.


CHRIS 21 is ready to go live

On 14 December 2015, the first group of public sector employees will transition from Human Resource Management System CHRIS 5 to CHRIS 21. This group includes all employees from the following agencies:

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