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e-Procurement Solution rollout completed

For some time, Shared Services SA has been rolling out the e‑Procurement Solution (Basware) that automates the purchasing and accounts payable process for its client agencies.

In July 2015, the rollout was completed when the last few SA Health sites came on board.

Since the rollout began, SA Health payment performance has improved from an average of 78% to 90% of invoices paid within 30 days.

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Every second per transaction counts

By using the ‘Lean’ Process Management Framework, Accounts Payable (AP) has saved 24 seconds per invoice in processing time by adjusting the number of data elements reviewed during the verify stage.

A few seconds may not seem like much but considering AP process an average of 5,500 invoices per business day, those few seconds equate to an efficiency saving of 36 hours per day that will now be redirected towards customer service.

What’s changed?

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Financial Statements lodged on time

Shared Services SA lodged 77 sets of Financial Statements on behalf of client agencies with the Auditor-General by 11 August 2015.

Statements were lodged on time and within statutory requirements.

These Financial Statements are now in the process of being audited with a number of them requiring Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer certification for lodgment in Parliament by 30 September. 

Performance Dashboard Launch

Enhancing the reporting of key information to clients, Shared Services SA has launched a digital Performance Dashboard for agencies to view transactional and performance reporting data by service area.

The self-service reporting tool gives agencies online access to multiple performance metrics, highlighting volumes and processing quality. Where available, data can be viewed at an agency or aggregated level.

The interactive dashboard includes agency specific information covering:

Payroll document submission via email

To assist with the timely processing of timesheets, leave forms, contracts and other payroll related documents, Shared Services SA has specific email addresses for the receipt of payroll documentation.

By using the agency specific documentation email address instead of the general enquiry email, Payroll Services can better sort and process the hundreds of documents received daily.

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Basware milestone: 500,000 SA Health invoices

In June 2015, the e-Procurement Solution (Basware) rollout that helps automate the accounts payable process reached a notable milestone of 500,000 invoices paid in SA Health.

Since the rollout began, SA Health payment performance has improved from an average of 78% to 90% of invoices paid within 30 days.

In July 2015, SA Health will be the final portion of a South Australian Government agency to transition to Basware under the Shared Services SA reform initiative. SA Health has concurrently been deploying its financial management system, Oracle.

14 July calendar

Payment Summary Distribution

When do I receive my Payment Summary?

Employees who receive Payroll Services from Shared Services SA can expect their Payment Summary to be issued by 14 July 2015.

A list of applicable agencies is available on the Shared Services SA website.

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