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MyInvoice to be optimised for mobile devices

The online tool that enables vendors to quickly check the status of their invoice payments, MyInvoice, will soon be available on the Shared Services SA website.

Along with a new look and feel, navigation and accessibility will be improved to provide an optimised experience for tablet and smartphone users in the New Year.

This improved user experience allows vendors to easily check the status of their invoice on the go and also access useful Accounts Payable information.

Restoring our financial systems

In 2015-16 and beyond, Shared Services SA will undertake a suite of reform projects to help standardise and refresh a range of financial systems, processes and practices across Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Financial Services.

The Financial Services Reform Program includes the execution of several projects that will:

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Improving the management of complaints and feedback

Shared Services SA has recently rolled out a new Complaints Management Framework to standardise how complaints and feedback are managed across the business.

The new approach will better assist customers to escalate pressing issues that they feel have not been addressed adequately whilst giving Shared Services SA a service recovery opportunity.

The Complaints Management Framework aims to improve customer satisfaction and outlines:

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Country Health SA pay cycle alignment completed

Recently, over 4,500 Country Health SA employees had their pay cycles successfully aligned in preparation for the implementation of CHRIS 21, the public sector’s future Human Resource Management System.

The complex transition was well managed by the CHRIS 21 Project Team with support from Payroll Services and SA Health.

View the latest project update detailing progress with system testing and the development of training materials.

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e-Procurement Solution rollout completed

For some time, Shared Services SA has been rolling out the e‑Procurement Solution (Basware) that automates the purchasing and accounts payable process for its client agencies.

In July 2015, the rollout was completed when the last few SA Health sites came on board.

Since the rollout began, SA Health payment performance has improved from an average of 78% to 90% of invoices paid within 30 days.

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Every second per transaction counts

By using the ‘Lean’ Process Management Framework, Accounts Payable (AP) has saved 24 seconds per invoice in processing time by adjusting the number of data elements reviewed during the verify stage.

A few seconds may not seem like much but considering AP process an average of 5,500 invoices per business day, those few seconds equate to an efficiency saving of 36 hours per day that will now be redirected towards customer service.

What’s changed?

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Financial Statements lodged on time

Shared Services SA lodged 77 sets of Financial Statements on behalf of client agencies with the Auditor-General by 11 August 2015.

Statements were lodged on time and within statutory requirements.

These Financial Statements are now in the process of being audited with a number of them requiring Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer certification for lodgment in Parliament by 30 September. 

Performance Dashboard Launch

Enhancing the reporting of key information to clients, Shared Services SA has launched a digital Performance Dashboard for agencies to view transactional and performance reporting data by service area.

The self-service reporting tool gives agencies online access to multiple performance metrics, highlighting volumes and processing quality. Where available, data can be viewed at an agency or aggregated level.

The interactive dashboard includes agency specific information covering:

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