‘One Invoice’ to streamline the layout of government invoices

Shared Services SA will be adopting a single invoice design for the Masterpiece financial management solution that serves 14 agencies.

The One Invoice initiative in Accounts Receivable will standardise the design and layout of invoices with a neater, easier to read format that will benefit the many customers who receive invoices from state government agencies.

The initiative is currently in the discovery phase with an implementation program to be determined following consultation with agencies about the required feeder system changes.

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Tackling vendor duplication and improving visibility

The development and rollout of a Common Vendor Masterfile is well underway with two more agencies consolidating their vendor payment information last month.

This streamlining project will standardise the maintenance of vendor information, reducing the duplication of information between agencies and improving the visibility of government spend by vendors.

Over the next 12 months, Shared Services SA supported agencies will transition progressively from existing agency-based master files to a Common Vendor Masterfile.

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Accounts Payable meeting world-class standard

In the latest Australasian Shared Services Association Accounts Payable (AP) Benchmark Study, Shared Services SA was ranked the top performing government organisation based in Australia.

This financial year, 97% of payments (excluding SA Health) have been made within terms, exceeding the world-class benchmark of 93%.

Highlights of our performance in the study included a comparatively lower processing cost per invoice, lower rate of rework and a higher level of productivity among 13 other counterparts.


Pay cycle alignment across the sector

A major component of the payroll reform program is to standardise and consolidate pay periods across the public sector.

So far, there have been a range of consultative meetings with a number of unions and other bodies to discuss the potential impacts on employees when pay cycles are aligned for autopay, manual timesheets and electronic file loads.

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CHRIS 21 payroll database testing and agency engagement

Shared Services SA and CHRIS 21 system provider Frontier have recently completed the build of the new CHRIS 21 test environment.

Data from 11 existing CHRIS 5 databases has been migrated into the test environment and data from two of the existing CHRIS 21 databases is currently being migrated.

This data is being used to undertake extensive testing of the environment to ensure that the system is operating correctly.

Agency User Acceptance Testing is scheduled to start in April 2015.

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Travel with the best fare

Strategic Contracts has successfully negotiated discounted international travel for SA Government Agencies that could save the state an estimated $1.27 million per year.

State government employees who book work-related travel through the state’s contracted travel management company, Carlson Wagonlit, will receive percentage discounts off international base fares from a choice of five airlines.

The five recommended airlines offering the reduced fares include:

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Living the digital by default dream

Government Services Group Executive Director, Chris Oerman, shares his views on the organisation’s digital progress to date and the future initiatives that will lay the foundation for seamless transactional services.

I recently came across media coverage highlighting the progress Service NSW was making in its quest to modernise and deliver government services with the technology that customers expect.

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Reforming government payment options

The Purchase Card Management System (PCMS) reform project is now in the procurement phase and implementation will begin in 2015.

The project will help provide agencies with better controls and visibility over expenditure and is an initiative identified following the recommendations of the ‘Payment of Accounts Review’ approved by Cabinet in October 2012.

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