Agency Performance Reporting


Shared Services SA reports performance at an agency or aggregated level by monitoring various key measures within each of our service areas

Launch Aggregate Performance Reporting (Extnl link)

Payroll Services

  • Billing volumes, number of employee pays and the proportion remitted on time
  • Pay accuracy showing error type and root cause
  • HRMS data showing the number of requests, user access, password resets and request for change reports

Accounts Payable

  • Invoice payment life cycle showing average workflow times
  • Billing volumes, invoices escalated/disputed, urgent payments, vendor recovery
  • TI11 Reporting by volume and value
  • Late payment interest

Accounts Receivable

  • Invoice volumes and invoices raised within agreed time frames
  • Remittances processed
  • Unapplied receipts by age and value plus a 13-month view of unapplied receipt numbers
  • Debtors by age and value plus a 13-month view of the number of debtors

Financial Services

  • General Ledger transactions, journals posted, close offs completed
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Taxation transactions and returns, financial statements production
  • Asset numbers

Customer Support

  • Received phone call activity and average wait time


*Use this link to access Archived performance data  September 2008 to June 2015 (Extnl link)