The South Australian Government receives approximately 2.3 million invoices each year and has an obligation to make payment within 30 calendar days.

Each Government Agency is required to treat invoices with high priority to ensure vendors receive timely payment for the goods and services provided.

Shared Services SA is responsible for processing invoices and making payments to vendors on behalf of supported SA Government Agencies.  The electronic procurement system has streamlined the invoice payment process.  This system provides the SA Government with the ability to track invoices through each stage of the payment lifecycle.

The Invoice Payment Lifecycle consists of five key stages.  These stages are shown in the diagram below along with the service level assigned to each stage of the lifecycle.

MyInvoice provides vendors with information as to which stage of the lifecycle their invoice is at.  Please note the lifecycle only applies to supported SA Government Agencies.

The invoice payment lifecycle diagram is included to assist vendors in understanding the search results displayed on MyInvoice.

Invoice Payment Lifecycle

Invoice Received

  • Vendor sends invoice directly to Shared Services SA.
  • It may take up to 5 business days for the invoice to be processed through the electronic procurement system and made available on MyInvoice.
  • If your invoice is not visible on MyInvoice after 5 business days, please contact Shared Services SA rather than submitting another copy.
  • Payment should be expected to be received in 30 calendar days (20 business days).

Awaiting Processing

  • Invoice details are being checked by Shared Services SA for compliance and to ensure sufficient information has been provided for processing.
  • If your invoice in within this stage, you should expect payment of the invoice within an estimated 15 business days.

Awaiting Approval

  • Invoice has been sent to the relevant Government Agency for certification to confirm goods/services have been provided and for payment approval.
  • If your invoice is within this stage, you should expect payment of the invoice within an estimated 10 business days.


  • Invoice is approved and is scheduled for payment.
  • If your invoice is within this stage, you should expect payment of the invoice within an estimated 5 business days.


  • Invoice has been paid via electronic funds transfer or cheque and a remittance advice has been issued to the vendor containing details of the payment.
  • MyInvoice returns all invoices in progress or paid within the past 90 days.
  • Please note it may be a couple of days after the payment of your invoice before the status changes to ‘paid’.

Please be aware cheques and manual remittances will no longer be available as of 1 April 2017