MyInvoice status definitions


The MyInvoice search functionality tracks the status and expected time frames of invoice payments in progress and invoices paid within the last 90 days

 Whilst standard payment terms are 30 calendar days, the majority of invoices are paid in much shorter time-frames

Processing timeline:

Invoice received Awaiting processing Awaiting approval  Approved Scheduled for payment Invoice paid

Once invoice received it is scanned into the system;
Checked for GST compliance; has sufficient information;
Where required it is redirected (flowed) to the relevant
Government Agency

The invoice is verified against quote/contract and supplied goods/services before approval Invoice approved  Scheduled for payment

Payment processed to business's financial institution via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

A remittance advice is issued to the business confirming details of the payment (including any Late Payment Interest) where applicable.

Payment method

The SA Government's preferred method of payment is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) direct into a business nominated bank account, as the funds are received quickly and cleared immediately.


Troubleshoot the status of invoices 

  • View the list of SA Government agencies to determine if the Agency you are supplying uses our system

  • Allow 5 business days for your invoices to be received and scanned into our system

  • If your invoice has been sent directly to a Government Agency, there may be delays in forwarding the invoice to Shared Services SA for processing
    (duplicate invoices also interrupt our processing)

  • MyInvoice search returns "Status Unavailable" - this means the status of your invoice cannot be viewed via MyInvoice (refer below)

Explanation of Status Unavailable 

There are certain invoices where a search returns "Status  Unavailable" MyInvoice. *The processing timeline does not apply to the items below as they maintain an internal accounts payable service. Enquire directly with the agency.

  • Building maintenance and facilities management invoices for the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

  • Property maintenance, council and water rates invoices for the South Australian Housing Trust

  • Work cover and workers compensation invoices for all Government Agencies

What you won't be able to track and view

  • The agency you supplied goods/services are outside our system
  • Invoices older than 90 days

  • Credit Notes

  • Cancelled invoices

  • Reimbursements 

  • Foreign payments

  • Urgent manual payments