Superannuation and tax

Information about employer superannuation contributions, personal contributions and tax

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Superannuation is money set aside for your retirement.  It is an important component of your remuneration as a SA public sector employee.  For more information on superannuation, see the Moneysmart website.

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Can I choose my superannuation fund?

Most Triple S members, including new public sector employees, will be given the option to choose a superannuation fund that suits their personal needs, under new laws that have passed State Parliament.  Fund Selection and Limited Public Offer are due to come into effect from 30 November 2022.  View the latest information.


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Employer Superannuation contributions

Your superannuable salary is equal to your base salary plus any approved allowances. Any ordinary time allowances received which are not superannuable still count towards your employer meeting superannuation guarantee requirements for employer contributions to your fund.

Superannuation guarantee requirements are determined by the Federal Government and are the minimum amount of superannuation contributions an employer must pay, currently 10% of ordinary time earnings.

Ordinary time earnings are generally salary plus all allowances which are not reimbursing expenses and exclude any earnings (including allowances) related to overtime. However, overtime that is regularly rostered is included as income.

Unless a specific enterprise agreement or award states otherwise, employers are required to pay a set rate of superannuation into each employee's super fund.


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Salary Sacrifice (reportable super)

Employees can request to deduct extra super from their pre-tax income, this will be paid into their super fund.  This is called salary sacrifice and it gives the employee tax and retirement income benefits.

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Tax deducted from your Pay

The ATO provides tax tables to assist you to understand how much to tax is withheld from your pay. 


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