Transfers and Terminations


Use this page to find information on types of transfers and about retirement/termination of employment

Termination and Retirement

Employees are responsible for notifying their manager and Agency HR department of a permanent departure. The Agency HR department will inform Payroll Services of the departure using the Employment Management (HR02) form.

Types of Transfers

Reference: OCPSE: Determination 1: Merit, Engagement, Assignment of Duties and Transfer of non-executive employees

Permanent (intra-agency) transfer

Agency HR and Managers complete the Employment Management (HR02) form to indicate an employee is permanently transferring to another Agency.  A permanent transfer means the employee will have no right of return to their role.

  • The employee will no longer be visible in CHRIS21/HR21 under the Managers menu/Staff List. 
  • The employee record will be terminated as they have vacated their position.

Transfer of employment (inter-agency) 

Agency HR and Managers complete the Employment Management (HR02) form to indicate an employee is temporarily transferring within the public sector.  A temporary transfer means the employee retains the right of return to the home Agency. 

  • The employee record will remain in your staff list. 

  • The employee record will be retained, and a record processed to indicate a temporary absence.

Formalise transfers and termination with Employment Management (HR02) form

The Employment Management HR02 form completed as part of an exit process, determines the treatment of leave transfer between agencies and recognition of prior service (where continuity of work within SA Government.)

Agency HR departments forward the completed Employment Management (HR02) form to Payroll Services to inform them of a departure for any of the following request types: 

  • Termination/Retirement (leaving SA Government permanently)

  • Permanent transfer (separation - leaving current agency, not leaving SA Government)

  • Temporary transfer (transferred for a fixed term, with right of return to home agency)

It is recommended employees check leave entitlements or transfer of leave with their Agency HR department.  Your agency will have other exit process requirements in place that you will need to complete. 

Refer QRG Whole of Life Transfers for HR and Managers.