The HR02 form enables the following details to be entered


Information for managers, delegates, human resource and admin staff

Completion of this form will Create a Position or request a Change to Position Details in the CHRIS21 System:

SMART Forms contain MACROS that populate position information from data held in CHRIS 21, reducing manual input. The HR-02 SMART FORM will display optional sections, when you indicate 'YES' in drop down fields. This form may require supporting documentation via Attach File button

The form enables the following request types:

  • Create a New Contract

  • Change of Hours or Roster

  • Allowances or Additional Duties

  • Permanent Assignment

  • Temporary Assignment

  • Higher Duties

  • Extend Contract Existing Employee

  • Termination

  • Separation

Your Human Resources department have the expertise to assist you with the completion of this form

Refer enquiries to your Agency Human Resources department for assistance completing this form