Tips on how to submit documentation for processing


Electronic document submission via email is the preferred method of delivery for submitting pay related documentation to Payroll Services

Paperwork submission tips

  • Complete forms legibly and write as clearly as you can

    • Check that all fields have been completed and forms have been authorised by the appropriate delegate if required

    • Label your paperwork appropriately

Email paperwork to the appropriate payroll team

  1. Use the Send pay-related documentation page

  2. Click on the email address displayed and attach pay-related documentation  

    • Include a reference number if applicable

    • Include your employee ID, contact information and any relevant background information

    • Duplicate paperwork interrupts processing - do not send hard-copy duplicate documentation

    • Select  Email 'Read receipt' (>Email >Options> tick the 'Request a read receipt')  to confirm delivery of the email.  Payroll Services will auto reply confirming delivery of an email. 

Fax Documentation

Fax pay-related documentation to the appropriate payroll team using the Send pay-related documentation,  select the agency to display the agency specific fax number:

  • include a cover sheet detailing the total number of sent pages

  • your contact information

  • full name of the recipient

  • check the fax transmission report for confirmation of a successful delivery.