What is pay-related documentation

Getting your pay to you on pay day is important to us. There are specific time frames and email address details Payroll has in place to receive and process pay related documentation

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The two main pay-related documentation groups and forms are listed below.

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Timesheets, Claim Forms and Leave Forms:

  • Overtime

  • Additional Hours (outside contracted hours)

  • WorkCover Payments

  • Sick Leave

  • Annual Leave

  • Special Leave With Pay

  • Special Leave Without Pay

  • Maternity Leave

  • Sick Leave Without Pay

  • Long Service Leave

  • Long Service Leave Half Pay

  • Leave Paid in Advance

  • *SA Health send manual Nursing timesheets R2 Rostered (ProAct) Pay Cycle separately to all other forms

*Manual timesheets must be submitted a separate email address for employees (such as nurses) on the R2 Rostered Pay Cycle who are not paid via the ProAct interface.

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Other payroll paperwork:

  • New Starter Set-Up

  • Position Changes

  • Roster Set-Up

  • Position Reclassification

  • Bank Account Changes

  • Tax Declaration Changes

  • Name/Address Changes

  • Increments

  • Appointment Changes

  • Variation in Hours

  • Additional Duties

  • Higher Duties

  • Enterprise Agreements

  • Allowance Changes

  • Salary Sacrifice or Salary Sacrifice Refunds

  • Purchased Leave

  • Superannuation Changes

  • Deduction Changes (except overpayment recovery).

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