Card and PIN security


Protection of your card and PIN will minimise the risk of theft and fraud

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Card security

Your card and your personal identification number (PIN) allow you to access your account electronically. It's important to protect the security of your card and PIN at all times.

  • When you receive your card, sign the strip on the back of the card immediately

  • Don't let anyone else use your card

  • Protect your card from loss or theft

  • When your card expires, destroy it by cutting it diagonally in half

  • Notify ANZ immediately if you become aware that your card has been compromised

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Protecting your PIN

  • Don't let anyone else know your PIN - this includes work colleagues, family and friends

  • Don't let anyone else see your PIN when you enter it into an EFTPOS machine

  • Never write or indicate your PIN on your card

  • Always memorise your PIN!

  • Don't choose a PIN that is easily identified with you (eg your birth date or phone number)

  • Never choose a PIN which has an easily selection combination (e.g 1111 or ABCD)

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Other tips to protect your card

If your credit card is demagnetised, scratched or bent, it probably won't work. To protect your card:

  • keep it away from magnetised objects, for example, your work security access pass or other credit cards

  • store it in a place where it's not rubbing or scratching against another object - a separate compartment in your wallet is usually fine

  • try not to bend your card

  • if you find that your card does not work, order a replacement card.

Report a lost, stolen or compromised card immediately

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