Overpayment timeframes

Improved timeframes to recover overpayments

Shared Services SA has improved the processes for managing payroll overpayments, following the implementation of a new overpayments database solution last year.

Introduced in July 2016, the new overpayments solution and associated processes have reduced the average time taken to recover overpayments from 108 days to just 16.

This improved efficiency is thanks to the introduction of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, which has streamlined the overpayments process, provided greater visibility of outstanding payments and allowed improved communication with employees and agencies.

The solution allows Payroll Services staff to clearly identify the current status of each overpayment, from recording and storing supporting documents through to monitoring the receipt of repayments and reporting to agencies.

Business rules and automated workflows support the escalation of outstanding payments for follow up, while automated letter and email generation has reduced the time taken to advise employees of their overpayment.

Implementation of the solution has also enhanced the monthly agency reporting capabilities, by removing the need to undertake manual data entry of records and production of reports. It also provides data analytics on the reason why overpayments have occurred, which helps identify opportunities to improve our processes across government. 

Each year Shared Services SA processes approximately 2.5 million employee pays. Overpayments represent less than 0.13% of the total value of these payments, with the majority due to employee paperwork being submitted too late for Shared Services SA to action before a pay is issued.

The new overpayments solution is providing greater transparency, supports the government’s aim to be digital by default, and is allowing quicker recovery of outstanding government funds.