Survey results

Satisfaction surveyed in Accounts Payable

Shared Services SA continues to provide a professional service to our customers.

Results from the recent annual Vendor Satisfaction Survey demonstrate that the professionalism of staff within Accounts Payable is viewed highly.

Close to 7,000 vendors who had invoiced the SA Government in the previous six months were surveyed to gauge satisfaction with Accounts Payable’s professionalism and timeliness, the MyInvoice website, and overall vendor satisfaction.

Vendors were asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 whether they strongly disagreed or strongly agreed with the statements:

  • Shared Services SA responds to my needs in a timely manner (timeliness)
  • Shared Services SA employees were knowledgeable and courteous (professionalism)
  • Overall, I am satisfied with the level of service I receive from Shared Services SA (Overall Satisfaction)
  • I find the MyInvoice website useful for tracking payments (MyInvoice website).

From the more than 1,100 responses received, 91% of vendors responded positively, by providing ratings of 5 or above.

The survey results showed that professionalism was our strongest quality, receiving an average rating of 8.5 out of 10, followed by overall satisfaction at 8.3, and timeliness at 8. The MyInvoice website received an average rating of 7.7.

Shared Services SA is committed to improving our performance and over the past 12 months has focussed on:

  • Process improvement – increasing staff training and development to improve knowledge and professionalism, and continuing engagement with agencies to streamline the invoice approval process
  • Reduced cycle time – implementing the paperless payment initiative (which shows that 94% of all payments are now being made via EFT with digital remittances, and 83% of invoices being received electronically by email) and focussing on increasing straight through invoice processing
  • Systems – enhancing the MyInvoice website to include the ability to search by remittance reference.

These initiatives are helping to improve the government’s accounts payment performance, which as of 31 May 2017 was 95.8% of invoices paid within 30 calendar days or less.