​Leave balance

You can view your leave balance by logging in to HR21 Employee and Manager Self Service. This is accessible to public sector employees with an SA Government email address.

For details on how to view your leave balance within HR21, refer to the ‘leave’ topic of the Quick Reference Guides.

If you do not have access to HR21 and you have an SA Government email address, you can request access by emailing your Payroll Services enquiry email address.


Leave entitlements

Legislation, enterprise agreements and industry awards determine your entitlements and work conditions in accordance with Commissioners Determination 3.1 (Leave). Leave types covered by the determination include:

  • Sick leave
  • Recreation leave
  • Long service leave
  • Purchased Leave
  • Special leave (with or without pay)
  • Recognition of prior service
  • Leave accruals

You can view the current agreements applicable to your employer from the DTF > Industrial Relations.

Leave balances are recorded and monitored via your agency's Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or equivalent. You may be able to apply for certain leave types via your online HRMS e.g. HR21 Employee and Manager Self Service.


Submitting forms

View document submission tips and delivery methods.  


Special leave with pay

The Commissioners Determination 3.1 (Leave) provides certain employees eligibility to apply for special leave with pay.

If eligible, you must include the reason for the application within HR21 Employee and Manager Self Service.

It is important that the relevant paperwork is fully completed and authorised otherwise it will be returned to you for completion.


Paid Parental Leave

The Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave (CPPL) federal scheme provides the basic minimum wage to eligible new parents. If this is relevant to you, your agency HR is responsible for assisting you to complete a CPPL application form.

To accompany the CPPL application form, you must source Centrelink Determination, Confirmation and Payability Letters.

You must complete the CPPL application form and return it along with the Centrelink Determination, Confirmation and Payability Letters to your agency HR department.

Your agency HR then completes their sections on the CPPL application form (to add their letterhead, logo, contact details, name and ABN).

Your agency HR department is responsible for forwarding the form to the dedicated Shared Services SA CPPL team, along with Centrelink Determination, Confirmation and Payability Letters prior to Payroll Services providing your CPPL Payments.

Payments will only be processed upon receipt of all paperwork.

Find out more about eligibility and daily rates from the Australian Government Services Australia > Centrelink > Parental Leave Pay.


Retention Leave

Eligible employees can access their entitlement to Retention Leave on and from 1 July 2013 in accordance with the Commissioners Determination 3.1 (Leave).

An 'eligible employee' is a public sector employee who has completed 15 or more years of effective service and who is either:

  • employed under the Education Act 1972, Parliament (Joint Services) Act 1985 or PS Act; or
  • subject to the long service leave entitlements provided in the PS Act, either as a result of regulation 13 of the Public Sector Regulations 2010 or some other industrial instrument (i.e. an Enterprise Agreement).

Entitlements to retention leave are also determined in accordance with the Public Sector Regulations 2010 and with proclamations published in the South Australian Government Gazette from time to time (see for example: Public Sector (Budget 2012) (Skills and Experience Retention Leave) Proclamation 2012; GG 6/12/2012, p. 5436). 

How to apply for Retention Leave

You can apply for Retention Leave by obtaining the form from your agency; these will either be available via the intranet or in hard copy.

If you currently apply for leave via HR21 Employee and Manager Self Service, then you can apply for Retention Leave online.

Any queries regarding the completion of the form can be emailed to retl@sharedservices.sa.gov.au.

How to convert the entitlement to a monetary amount

Between 1 July and 31 August each year, you may elect to convert the Retention Leave accrued in the preceding financial year to a monetary amount.

To elect to receive a payment instead of taking leave, you must complete and submit the Nomination Form to Payroll Services by 31 August following the financial year in which the entitlement accrued. 

In accordance with an Australian Taxation Office Ruling, a flat withholding rate of 38.5% applies for payments made to an employee nominating to convert the retention entitlement to a monetary amount.

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