Salary sacrifice


Salary sacrifice, also known as salary packaging, is an arrangement under federal tax law that allows you to forgo part of your future income in return for your employer providing you with benefits of a similar value.

The Government of South Australia's salary sacrifice arrangements are coordinated by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment's office.

The two providers are: 

  • Maxxia - salary sacrifice and novated lease

  • Super SA - member and employee portal  (Superannuation Products)

About SA Government Salary Sacrifice Arrangement (SAGSSA)

Providers responsibilities include the design, establishment and administration of the salary sacrifice arrangement on your behalf and you pay an administration fee for these services: 

  • package set-up

  • processing deductions with payroll

  • facilitating benefit payments to third parties

  • required taxation and compliance reports

Salary Sacrifice and Fund Selection

Employees who have exercised a Fund Selection for their Superannuation Guarantee contributions may also choose to direct Salary Sacrifice contributions to the same fund.

It is important that employees consider their personal financial and taxation implications when making a Salary Sacrifice to a selected fund.  Refer to the Super SA website for forms and further information.

Employees who use a third party provider (Maxxia) to manage their Superannuation Salary Sacrifice contributions must also advise the provider directly when making a Fund Selection.

Salary Sacrifice Benefits