Apply for Paid Parental Leave

 Paid Parental Leave application form and federal government scheme (CPPL)

Getting started

The Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave (CPPL) federal scheme provides the basic minimum wage to eligible new parents. Your Agency Human Resource area will support and assist you to complete your CPPL application form

To complete the form, you will be asked to provide:

  • Centrelink Determination

  • Confirmation and Payability Letter

How to

Apply for Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave:

  1. Find out more about eligibility and daily rates from the Department of Human Services

  2. Download and complete the CPPL application form

  3. Provide the required support documents (Centrelink Determination, Confirmation and Payability Letter)

  4. Submit fully completed CPPL application form and attachments

Submit your completed CPPL application form to your Agency-Human Resources (HR) department 

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