Apply for a purchase card

Apply for a purchase card and access ANZ Expense Manager

Getting started

Purchase Card Application forms are accessible via the *Shared Services SA Extranet (*StateNet access required).  Purchase Card users view and approve card expenditure using ANZ Expense Manager System (EMS).

How to

Apply, modify or cancel a Purchase Card

 *Your agency may have preferred forms and processes to apply for Purchase Cards and access to the EMS system.  Use the 'Get in touch' drop-down to access your Agency-specific forms and submission process 

All requests must be signed off by the appropriate delegate

  1. Access Purchase Card application forms and Expense Manager System (EMS) forms using links in the table below

  2. Complete both Purchase Card and EMS application forms

  3. Submit forms using 'Get in touch' drop-down, select your Agency to view contact options to submit your application forms

New or replacement purchase card

Maintenance forms                   

*Purchase Card and EMS Application Forms

*Maintenance Forms

DEW - Purchase Card and EMS Application Forms          

DEW - Maintenance Forms                                                

Resources and ExpenseMe App and Guides 

Purhase Card - ANZExpenseMe resources


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