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In accordance with Commissioners Determination 3.1 (Leave) eligible employees can access their entitlement to Retention Leave

Getting started

Eligible employees are public sector employees who have completed 15 or more years of effective service and who is either:

employed under the Education Act 1972, Parliament (Joint Services) Act 1985 or PS Act; or

subject to the long service leave entitlements provided in the PS Act, either as a result of regulation 13 of the Public Sector Regulations 2010 or some other industrial instrument (i.e. an Enterprise Agreement)

Entitlements to retention leave are also determined in accordance with the Public Sector Regulations 2010 and with proclamations published in the South Australian Government Gazette from time to time (see for example: Public Sector (Budget 2012) (Skills and Experience Retention Leave) Proclamation 2012; GG 6/12/2012, p. 5436). 

Retention Leave Resources

Explanatory Sheet 

Retention Entitlement - Frequently asked questions

PS Skills and Experience retention leave entitlement-Convert entitlement to a monetary amount

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How to

Apply for Retention Leave:

If you currently apply for leave using HR21 self-service - submit an application for retention leave and refer to the FAQ HR21 (page11)

If you work for the Department for Education submit an application for retention leave via Employee Kiosk (EIK) 

Information on Cash out Retention Leave inluding Cash out Retention Leave form