Approve Employee Reimbursement Request (Basware)

Approve an online payment requests (expense reimbursement for an employee) in line with your agency’s delegated financial authority

Getting started

Online Payment Requests (OPR’s) are created and approved in the Purchase Management module. Online Payment Requests are used for the payment of non-invoice transactions such as Expense Reimbursements, Travel Allowances, Grant Payments, Refunds, etc.

It is the responsibility of the approver to: 

  • Ensure only appropriate transactions are approved 

  • Ensure the purchase fits within the allocated budget 

  • Check appropriate account codes are used.

How to

​​​​​​Launch Basware

Select from the tiles in the table to link Basware CG / NG systems links

Launch Basware CG                            

Launch Basware NG                     

Current Generation Basware New Generation Basware


Support Materials

Select the links below to view resources to assist approving an Online Payment Request in Basware. *StateNet access required

Current Generation (CG)             

New Generation (NG)             

*Online Payment Requests
Quick Reference Guides - (PDF and PPSX)
*Online Payment Requests
Quick Reference Guides - (PDF and MP4)
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