Claim additional hours, TOIL, Flexi


Record overtime, re-calls, on-call and/or request payment for accumulated TOIL, Flexi balances

Getting started

This form applies to auto-pay employees and approved claims should ideally be submitted on a fortnightly basis.

Use the Payroll Claims form-PY01 to record additional hours worked or to record time off in lieu (TOIL). 


Check with your Agency HR to ensure this form is right for you

How to

Record additional hours or Time Off in Lieu/Flexi etc.

  1. Check with your Agency HR or Manager, to ensure the PY01- Claims Form is right for you

  2. Open and save the form on a drive or desktop

  3. Complete the form as per Instructions and Notes

  4. Submit the form to your Approving Officer 

  5. Approving Officer/Employee submits completed form to payroll services prior to published cut-off times