Create or amend vendor | payee details


Create or amend vendor  | payee details

Getting started

It is critical that when creating or updating vendor details within our systems that appropriate checks and validations are undertaken to ensure:

  • The vendor is a valid business entity; 

  • Electronic banking details are correct; and

  • Contact information is accurate. 

Basware - Vendor Creation/Amendment Form

Vendor Creation/Amendment Form 

For Agency Use - Documentation Validation Checklist


How to

Create | amend Vendor details

When a new vendor supplies goods or services to SA Government, vendors are added to the Basware System.  The creation of new vendors or amendment of existing vendors can be completed on the same form.

  1. Select and complete the appropriate form from the above links

  2. Follow authorisation instructions

  3. Submit form and attachments to the email address displayed in the 'Get in touch' section (select agency to view contact options)