What to include on your invoice


Providing an accurate, detailed invoices via email directly to Shared Services SA will speed up your payment 

Getting started

What to include on your invoice:

  • legal requirements such as your business name, address details and ABN

  • confirm correct agency/department/location and contact details so your invoices reach the right person

  • quote the purchase order number provided by the agency

  • clear description of goods or services provided

  • period of work invoice refers to (if relevant)

  • separate line for delivery charges (if applicable)

  • separate entries on the invoice for GST exempt and GST inclusive goods or services

  • pricing as quoted, (as detailed on the related Purchase Order)

  • state clearly details of any agreed discounts

  • contact telephone number for any queries

Goods and/or Services that display a price variance (quote to invoice) will delay payment.  Prior to sending the invoice, contact the customer and explain the corrections or adjustments being made and why.

How to

Prepare Your Invoice:

1. Always email your invoices for each government agency in separate emails

2. Email invoices directly to Shared Services SA 

3. Send a single invoice only to Shared Services SA as duplicate invoices disrupt automated processing 

4. Email only the details of purchases (eliminate terms and conditions)

5. Quote the Purchase Order number in the layout of your Invoice (enables data matching between your Invoice and related Purchase Order)

6. Quote the agency name, division/business unit and contact person in the "bill to" address block on your invoice

7. Type details on the invoice (rather than hand-write)

8. If you are scanning a printed invoice for emailing-check scanner default settings:minimum 300 DPI  (Dots Per Inch), black white
image-PC setting_300 DPI

9. Save the file as: PDF, TIF or TIFF format

10. Attach one invoice per file, or multiple separate files to a file size no larger than 1 MB

11. Reference the invoice number(s) in the 'Subject' line when emailing

If you are uncertain about where to send your invoice - refer to our list of SA Government Agencies, or contact us using 'Get in touch' drop-down, select an agency to view support contacts