Employee reimbursement request


A reimbursement is the repayment of monies to an employee for work-related expenses they may have incurred

Getting started

Reimbursements can be requested for the following transactions, for example:

  • travel allowances and advances

  • expense reimbursements

  • petty cash/recoups

  • grant payments

  • refund of monies.

Payments are made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) approximately 2 days after approval in the Basware System.

Appropriate supporting documentation is required to be attached with a request for reimbursement:

  • ensure the request complies with Agency policy, guideline and procedures

  • provide a receipt 

  • minimum support documentation (see below)

Bank and Account details

Employees are required to provide their Bank Account BSB and Account Details on the relevant form (see below).  Your details are recorded in the Basware system as a supplier, allowing your payment to be sent via EFT to your Bank Account.

Request a reimbursement

If your details are not in the Basware system - Obtain required Vendor form from the table below to set up your BSB and Account details  - there will be a small delay to set up your account information.

SA Health Users

SA  Government Agency Users

1. Complete the Employee Reimbursement form on the Oracle Assist website

1. Complete Current Generation Basware (CG)
    create an online payment request (create online payment requests) 

2. Minimum support documentation

2. New Generation Basware (NG) 
    create an online payment request (OPR01 creating an online payment request)
  3. Minimum support documentation

How to

Submit employee bank and account details for employee reimbursement

  1. Select and complete the relevant form from the table above

  2. View contact details via the 'Get in touch' drop-down by selecting your agency

  3. Click on the email link and attach your completed form