How to streamline my payment


Streamline invoice payments

Getting started

Follow these guidelines to streamline invoice payments

  • Confirming invoice receipt

  • Providing required information for processing

How to

Shared Services SA has an automated invoice capture system, saving time and reducing manual intervention.  Invoices that arrive on paper and through emails are scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to record a payment request in our system. To take advantage of the invoice capture system - refer to the steps below: 

Step 1  Invoice content

For an invoice to be approved for payment the following information must be clearly identified:

  • Unique invoice number

  • Invoice date

  • *Name of SA Government Organisation

  • *Business unit/area

  • *Contact person

  • ABN

  • Total amount payable/credited

  • GST amount - (inclusive or exclusive)

  • Purchase order number (if applicable)

Step 2  Agency address format

The correct format on your invoice for contacting a *government department, *division/business unit/name and *contact person:

  • Invoices should quote (as part of the "bill to" address block) the following mandatory details:



Trading Entity
Site Name and Business Unit
Attention: Contact Name
GPO Box 11027
Adelaide SA 5001
Purchase Order Number/Contract

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network
Modbury Hospital - Radiology
Attention: Bill Smith
GPO Box 11027
Adelaide SA 5001
PO #658934

Email attachment conventions

When attaching an invoice to an email, the following conventions are to be applied:

  • Invoices are sent as attachments (electronic links to access invoices are not accepted)

  • Send separate emails for each government agency

The invoice image file format must be* PDF, TIF or TIFF only
  • Scanner default setting to at least 300 DPI and monochrome (black & white)

    image 3

  • Invoice to be attached to email - with supporting documents included in same PDF

  • Up to five invoices in one email (as separate attachments) is acceptable

  • The combined image file size per email should not exceed 1Mb

  • The invoice file name should be the invoice number 

Covering Email Layout

Our automated system caters for the scanning and processing of invoices - email signatures, pictures and logos should be removed as they will cause an email to reject

When preparing an email to accompany the invoice image, the following instructions should be applied:

  • No written text required in any email to support the lodgement of invoices

  • Duplicate invoices disrupt automated processing - send a single invoice only to Shared Services SA or directly to the Agency (Submit invoice(s) for payment)

  • In the email subject line, prefix the subject with the acronym of the Government Agency the invoice relates to e.g. “DTF - Invoice 1234”, "DPC - Invoice 5678" or "SA Health - Invoice 9753

Step 3  Tips for invoice layout and format

  • Avoid coloured background colours or dark shading

  • Invoices should be type set rather than hand written

  • No bar codes should be present or at a minimum not be located near any of the text on the invoice

  • Remove content from invoice not directly required to facilitate payment (e.g. terms and conditions)

  • All text should be displayed horizontally

  • Do not cover or obscure invoice details with stamps or stickers

Step 4   Lodge centrally and electronically

  • Send your invoice electronically direct to Accounts Payable (Get in touch, select agency to display email lodgement details)

  • Lodging electronically reduces potential delays in receiving and processing the invoice o payment

  • Lodge one invoice only - duplicate lodgements interrupt processing

Additional Points

  • If you are unable to meet the requirements specified above, use the 'Get in touch' drop down, select your agency to view contact details   

  • Do not email 'zero balance invoices' to Shared Services SA.  Zero balance invoices are likely to be purchases made by credit card, forward these invoices direct to the relevant Government Agency - marked attention to the credit card holder
  • Duplicate invoices can result in payment delays - we recommend you do not CC the Government agency Keep your supplier details up to date