Income statements


Commencing 2020/21 financial year, Income Statements are provided by the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Getting started

Income Statements

Income statements enable you to view year-to-date income, tax that has been withheld from your pay, and reportable deductions and super contributions made throughout the year.

The information on your Income Statement will be updated each time you are paid and can be accessed at any time throughout the year through ATO Online services, via myGov.

For more information visit or follow the links below to view Fact Sheets available on the ATO website:

Payment Summary History

Prior to the 2020/21 financial year, the income you received and the amount of any tax withheld was reported on a Payment Summary. Payment Summaries are available in HR21 Self Service.

Select your Agency's HR21 Self Service data base

How to

View and generate your payment summary via HR21

Use HR21 Self Service to view and generate Payment Summaries issued prior to the implementation of Single Touch Payroll

  1. To view and generate payment summaries - select the HR21 FAQ and follow instructions on page 20


  • Employees who changed employing Agencies within a Financial Year receive a Payment Summary from each Agency

  • Employees who have opted to receive a hard copy Payment Summary

  • Employees who do not have access to HR21 Self Service, including terminated employees

Historical Payment Summaries

  1. Payment Summaries not in HR21 Self Service are available by request

  2. Use the 'Get in touch' drop-down, select your Agency to view contact options