Launch Current Generation Basware (CG)

Launch Current Generation Basware (CG), access resource materials, forms and Business Systems support contacts

Getting started

Launch Basware (CG) 

Existing users - launch and login to Basware Current Generation (CG) systems  (State Net access required)

The diagram below illustrates the Current Generation Basware (CG) modules and functions

PURCHASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Use the Purchase Management processing system to create/approve purchase requisitions and receipt goods or services received on a purchase order - view list of functions.

INVOICE PROCESSING SYSTEMS - Use the Invoice Management processing system to code invoices, approve invoices and manage other invoice tasks - view list of functions.

Support materials

Support materials to guide you through the basic processes to use the Basware (CG) Purchase Management and Invoice Processing 

Create or modify a work-group

Invoices coming into the invoice processing system can be flowed to a defined group of users rather than an individual user. - this grouping is known as a work-group

IP-Work-group request form (SA Govt) / IP-Work-group request form (SA Health)

How to

Request access to Current Generation Basware (CG):

  1. Log your request via the 'Get in touch' drop-down by selecting your agency

  2. Click on the link provided to complete and lodge your request 

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