Launch Purchase Card - Expense Manager System


Use this page to access the purchase card - expense management system (EMS) provided by ANZ

Getting started

ANZ EMS enables purchase card holders to benefit from a standardised purchase card expense clearing (acquittal) and approval process 

Some of the features of transactive are:

  • immediate changes to card limits

  • online purchase card management forms and electronic workflows

  • improved reporting capabilities

  • ability to manage multiple agency purchase card billing accounts from one login 

How to

Access Purchase Card Expense Manager System

  1.  Select your agency specific link to ANZ Expense Manager 

  2. Download your ExpenseMe Mobile application and view Expense Manager Quick Reference Guides
  3. Additional support materials 

Treasurer's Instruction 12

Treasurer's Instruction 12 prescribes the policy for the control and use of government purchase and stored value cards.