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Shared Services SA understands that mistakes happen, and errors occur despite our best efforts.  If you are dissatisfied with the service you received from a Service Area, you can lodge a complaint.

Getting started

About complaints

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with the service provided by Shared Services SA and you require a response. 

Find out more about our complaint and feedback process.  Any information submitted using our complaint form will be used in line with DPC-Privacy Principles (IPPS) Instruction.

How to

Lodge a complaint

  1. Navigate to the 'Get in touch' section on this page

  2. Select the Agency you are from

  3. Select the online complaint web form and complete form fields

  4. Submit the web form

Privacy and your personal information
We will  only use your information to process your request.  We will manage your personal information in line with DPC-Privacy Principles (IPPS) Instruction.

Get in touch


Contact us - Channels for providing feedback 

p:    (08) 846 21333


w:   Web form via feedback button

p:    Postal Address: GPO Box 11030, Adelaide, SA 5001

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