Manual Payment Request Forms - Accounts Payable


If you would like to request a Manual Payment, please refer to the information provided below.

Getting started

The 'Request for Urgent Payment' Form is to be used when a Client Agency may request to expedite a payment outside of the defined payment timeframes.

Each Urgent Payment request will:

  • incur a processing fee;

  • be processed within four (4) business hours (with the provision of prior notice to Accounts Payable); and

  • require appropriate delegate authorisation.

The ‘Request for Foreign Currency Payment’ Form is to be used whenever an invoice:

  • Has overseas bank account details; or

  • Requires payment to be issued in a foreign currency.

Details on the form may require assistance from your agency Financial Services or Accounting team.

Foreign currency payments will be paid within 5 business days of completed request. Allow up to 2 business days after the payment has been completed for the transaction to be reflected in the financial system and general ledger.

How to

Complete the 'Request for Urgent Payment' or ‘Request for Foreign Currency Payment’ available on the Shared Services SA Extranet (StateNet access required)

For more information or additional support use the 'Get in touch' drop-down.