My bank and pay deductions

Change your bank details or pay deductions 

Getting started

Use HR21 Self Service to change your bank account details or create deductions from your pay

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Update or change your bank account details in HR21, at least two weeks prior to closing bank accounts

How to

Update bank account details

Bank account details are processed via HR21.   Access *HR21 from our Home page >  Quick links > Payroll area, and login.

Set up or modify bank details

  1.  To have your pay disbursed to more than one bank account

  2. Follow HR21 FAQ instructions, page 19

Set up and modify deductions

  1.  View the list of deductions that can be setup or modified from your salary

  2.  To view or add deductions, follow HR21 FAQ  instructions page 18 

  3. To update existing deductions - follow HR21 FAQ instructions page 18, step 2 


*Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is in place to verify and protect the security of information in HR21 Self Service 

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