My payslip


Access HR21 Self-Service to view and generate payslips

Getting started

Login to HR21 to access your payslip.

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A payslip will display a summary of the payments you have received (each pay period) and the current financial year. This includes:

  • some leave entitlements

  • deductions

  • taxation

  • superannuation contributions.

How to

Generate your payslips 

  1. Login to HR21 self-service

  2. The View Payslip option appears top right of the screen

  3. Follow the prompts (Reference HR21 FAQ instructions on page 21)

View historical payslips

  • Historical payslips (not in HR21 self-service) are available by request - contact your Agency HR department to request copies.


The layout and content of your payslip may differ depending on your agency.


Department for Education employees - refer to Employee Kiosk