Register for HR21


Employees paid via CHRIS21 can register for access to HR21 self-service  

Getting started

HR21 allows you to:

  • access your personal detail from any internet-enabled device in Australia

  • gain more control over updating your personal payroll information

  • receive payslips online

  • apply for leave and view leave balances

HR21 has Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) providing extra security when updating information in HR21.  If you don't currently have a government email address, you can register your mobile phone number or / and personal email address to gain access to HR21.

How to

Register for HR21

To register you will need:

  • An *email address
  • A mobile phone number
  • A recent payslip (within the last 6 months)

*If you have a government email address, this must be used instead of a personal email address. If you have not been issued a government email by your agency, please provide a personal email address.

  1. Register via the online registration form

  2. After you have registered online, allow up to seven (7) days for your log on ID and an initial password to be emailed to you

  3. Follow the directions contained in the email to choose your own password when you log in for the first time

  4. For help interpreting the information on your payslip, please refer to the QRG-HR21-Payslip-Guide

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