Register for HR21 self-service

Payroll Services set up access to HR21 self-service when ‘New Employee” paperwork has been received. This information is valid for new employees without access to HR21.

Getting started

HR21 Online Self Service is now available to all employees paid via CHRIS21, even those without a government email address. HR21 allows you to:

  • access your personal details from any Internet-enabled device in Australia

  • gain more control over updating your personal payroll information

  • receive payslips

  • update personal and banking details

  • set up voluntary deductions

  • view and generate payment summaries prior to 2020/21 financial year online.


View HR21 functionality 

How to

Register for HR21 self-service

Before you begin, ensure you have:

  • An email address*

  • A mobile phone number

  • A recent payslip (within the last 6 months).

If you have a government email address, this must be used instead of a personal email address. If you have not been issued a government email by your agency, please provide a personal email address.

  1. Complete the online form to register your request  

  2. Allow up to seven (7) days for your log on ID and initial password to be emailed

  3. Follow the directions contained in the email to choose your unique password when you log in for the first time.

  4. If you are new to HR21 or want to learn more about your pay, leave, check your personal details etc. this HR21 FAQ guide has step-by-step instructions.


If you are experiencing issues with the process use the 'Get in touch' drop-down, select your agency to view contact details for advice and support

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