Submit a change request


Access, complete and submit a change request form

Getting started

A change request form is submitted for any of the following business needs:

  • a change in agency structure

  • advise of a change in agency procedure or policy that may impact on how Shared Services delivers our services

  • a change to an agency system or other shared-use system 

  • requesting a change to a current process or business practice

  • a Machinery of Government (MoG) change

  • requesting an additional or new service

  • bulk (more than five) payroll processing changes e.g. leave audits, historical adjustments organisational restructure, re classifications etc.

Shared Services SA has a structured change request and submission process:

The impact assessment process may take longer for complex change requests or where additional detail is required.

How to

Submit a change request 

  1. Complete a change request form

  2. Log your request via the 'Get in Touch' drop-down, select your agency

  3. Click on the email and submit your completed change request form

You will be provided with a reference number (CR#) to track the progress of your change request

Find out more about the *change request process (* External link - State Net access required)

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