Submit a change request

Access, complete and submit a change request form

Getting started

A change request form is submitted for any of the following business needs:

  • a change in agency structure

  • advise of a change in agency procedure or policy that may impact on how Shared Services delivers our services

  • a change to an agency system or other shared-use system 

  • requesting a change to a current process or business practice

  • a Machinery of Government (MoG) change

  • requesting an additional or new service

  • bulk (more than five) payroll processing changes e.g. leave audits, historical adjustments organisational restructure, re classifications etc.

Shared Services SA has a structured change request and submission process:

The impact assessment process may take longer for complex change requests or where sufficient details are not available.

How to

Complete the change request 

  1. Complete the change request form

  2. Log your request via the 'Get in Touch' drop-down by selecting your agency

  3. Click on the link displayed to submit your completed, approved change request form

You will be provided with a reference number (CR#) to track the progress of your change request

Find out more about the *change request process (*StateNet access required to access this link)

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