Submit CPPL application


Agency Human Resource departments support the processing of the Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave (CPPL) federal scheme

Getting started

The CPPL federal scheme provides the basic minimum wage to eligible new parents.  Agency HR staff are responsible for assisting employees to complete their CPPL application form prior to sending to the Shared Services SA, CPPL team

How to

Agency HR Staff support employees to apply for CPPL Leave by:

  1. Checking employees have fully completed the required CPPL application form

  2. Check employees have the required Centrelink Determination, Confirmation and Payability Letters

  3.  Agency HR will complete relevant sections on the CPPL application form (i.e. add their letterhead, logo, contact details, name and ABN)

  4. Agency HR will forwarding the completed CPPL application form along with supporting documents to the dedicated Shared Services team

  5. Email application to the address in the 'Get in touch' section below

  6. Shared Services SA will action payments

Find out more about eligibility and daily rates from the Department of Human Services