Submit a request for change (systems)


Support for systems includes making changes to the configuration requested by an Agency through submission of a Request for change (systems) form

Getting started

Request for Change (systems) may be either:

  • Standing Changes, which mainly impact the requesting Agency only and therefore do not require consultation with other Systems users;


  • Non-Standing Changes, which have potential impacts on other Agencies/users and therefore require consultation before they can be implemented; or require development/testing effort by Shared Services SA and/or the System vendor.

Request for change process:

  • Standing and Non-Standing Changes will generally be managed within existing Shared Services SA resources (depending on time frames), however where there is a vendor/third party cost this will be quoted and recharged to the Agency on acceptance.

  • Following submission of a Request for change (systems) the request will undergo assessment and prioritisation.

 A request for change (systems) can be:

  • Payment Codes (Classifications/Allowances/Deductions/Superannuation/Leave Rules and Types)

  • Award/Enterprise Agreement/Determination Updates

  • Organisation Codes (Cost Centers, Workforce Org levels, System Accounting setup)

  • Interfaces/Data warehouses

  • Configuration

Changes to the current setup of applications administered by Shared Services SA are dependent on Agencies providing clear detail on the submission form.  

Note: For any change that impact multiple systems and/or will impact on existing services/processes/procedures a Change Request form should be submitted.  These types of changes are managed as a project and may require full cost recovery from the requesting Agency, on acceptance of a quotation.

How to

Submit a request for change (systems)

  1. Log your request via the 'Get in touch' drop-down by selecting your agency

  2. Click on the link provided to complete and submit a Request for change (systems)