View Invoice payment runs


Accounts Payable process thousands of invoices each day - view invoice payment runs and request urgent payments

Getting started

To comply with Treasury Instruction 11, payments are to be made within 30 days of the invoice received date.

How to

All approved invoices are released and included in the next scheduled payment run

  1. Use this payment run link (you will be redirected to a secure site)

  2. Select "Run Schedules", select your Agency from the list

  3. Refer to the AP system due date 

  4. Invoices with a status of 'Approved' will be scheduled in the next payment run

'Approved' Invoices (in the Basware system) will make the next payment run if they have been 'workflowed' to Shared Services SA - 2 (two) working days prior to the scheduled payment run

When an invoice needs to be paid faster than the standard processing timeframe allows - an authorised agency officer (with appropriate financial delegations) is to complete an Urgent Payment Request form.

Urgent payment requests:

  • incur a processing fee
  • are processed within 4 business hours

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