FAQ's - Invoices and Payments


Use these FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions

Our Accounts Receivable teams create, distribute and receipt invoices on behalf of limited SA Government agencies.  We provide easy and secure ways to pay invoices and bills.

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How do I query a bill / invoice received?

If your query relates to:

  • why you have been billed

  • the service provided

  • amount charged

Discuss your concerns with the SA Government agency who billed you.  Contact details are displayed in the body of the bill or invoice.

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Have you received my payment?

If you are unsure if your payment has been received, contact Accounts Receivable

To streamline our response to your query, provide the following details:

  • Date and method of payment

  • SA Government agency (who billed you)

  • Invoice/Customer number

  • Amount paid

This information allows our teams to look up the specific details and provide a quick response.

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Why have I received a reminder for an invoice I have already paid?

Tips to put your mind at ease:

  • If you received your notice within 5 working days from your payment date - please disregard.  Our receipting and tax invoice process may have overlapped.

  • Allow 7 working day for the processing of your payment against the outstanding invoice.

  • Where a payment has been received without a remittance advice or description identifying the recipient - you may experience delays while we cross reference the payment with the invoice.

If none of  the above apply to you - contact Accounts Receivable.

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