HR21 self-service functionality


Managers and employees have access to HR21 self-service 

Employees are requested to record their email address in HR21 to access payslips (Note: prior to 2020/21 financial year payment summaries were issued and can be viewed in HR21). 

HR21 is the primary mechanism for employees to:

  •  Access payslips, replacing emailed and hard copy versions

  • View and generate payment summaries prior to 2020/21 financial year

  • Access leave balances

  • Update personal information including bank details and certain voluntary deductions for CHRIS 21 purposes.


Support materials

  • HR21 Self Service is available on the Internet anywhere within Australia. Management reporting will only be accessible within the Government ICT network (i.e. not via the Internet).

  • The expectation is that the majority of employees will be able to self-service.

  • *Access to HR21 is via an employee number and password. 

  • Users with multiple employment contracts and multiple employee numbers will be provided separate log in details for each of their contracts. They will need to access HR21 under each log in to view and update their information individually.

  • Employees who do not have access to a work or home computer will still be able to submit manual forms to Payroll Services.

Employees can access support materials using your log in directly from within HR21. 

Quick reference guides and support materials are accessible via Shared Services SA extranet (access via 






Functionality for managers

Managers have additional access within HR21 to view employee details, including address and emergency contact details.

Managers do not have access to view the personal information of employees (e.g. bank account details) on HR21 (this information can only be viewed by the employee).

Personal information

HR21 gives employees access to update and review their personal and payroll information. It is important that these details are kept up to date; and this includes periodically checking:

  • Your address and contact information
  • Your emergency contacts
  • Bank details.

*Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is in place to ensure the security of information in HR21.  Users are sent a text message containing an authorisation code to validate high impact transactions such as bank details and deduction changes.

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HR21 functionality SA Government and SA Health employees

The following table provides details of the functionality available to employees using HR21

Functionality type Access Type
Add Modify
Health/Life Insurance
Additional Bank Accounts
Extra Tax
Union Fees
Professional Associations
Social Club
Personal Details:
Name (proof of name change required)
Next of Kin
Emergency Contact details
Email and phone contact information
Payroll Information
Bank details
Re-print Payslips (current and historic providing that such payslips were processed in CHRIS21 for that period) (view)   
View and generate Payment Summaries prior to 2020/21 financial year - refer Income Statements (view)   
Change of Password
Leave Balances (annual leave, sick/personal leave, long service leave, retention leave) (view only)  


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Additional notes on functionality for Department for Correctional Services employees

Sick Leave with No Application Process

The majority of employees will continue to submit manual leave forms to Payroll, except for those who will apply for leave through HR21. According to the DCS instruction issued by the Chief Executive, if the Sick Leave Application is not applied for and approved within two (2) pay periods of the leave episode, the leave booking will be processed as Unpaid Sick Leave.

The process to reverse Unpaid Sick Leave is as follows;

CO, OPS and OPX Employees Remaining DCS Employees
  • Employee will raise a leave form manually and have it approved through their normal delegation process.

  • The manual form is to be given either to your Correctional Business Centre or the person who processes HR paperwork for your area.
  • Employee using HR21 Self-Service will apply to cancel the Unpaid Sick Leave booking and then apply for Paid Sick Leave for the Manager to approve both requests in HR21.

  • Approved Delegate is required to approve the cancellation of Unpaid Sick Leave before they approve the Paid Sick Leave (for the same date of Unpaid Sick Leave).

Within HR21 there are resource materials to assist employees on how to cancel, apply and approve leave electronically.
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Additional notes on functionality for SAFECOM, DFS, MFS and SES employees

Leave Balances * (annual leave, sick/personal leave, long service leave, retention leave)

*excluding MFS operational staff.

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