Send pay-related documentation


Send pay-related documentation to payroll for processing

Getting started

Your pay is important to us. 

Payroll teams have a structured process for the data entry (processing) of pay-related information.  To avoid delays, paperwork must always be correctly filled-in and authorised appropriately or it will be returned to your agency for correction prior to processing.

There are specific email addresses your agency:

  1. Check what documents to send for pay processing sending (ie: timesheets, leave forms and employee contract documentation) 

  2. Check out these tips on how documentation should be sent for processing

  3. Use the 'Get in touch' drop-down, select your agency to display contact details -  where to send paperwork for Overpayments,  Paid Parental Leave forms 

  4. Check when pay related documentation is due

How to

Pay-related documentation is sent to agency-specific email addresses, streamlining processing with fewer errors and delays

  1. Submit pay-related documentation via the 'Get in touch' drop-down by selecting your agency

  2. Click on the email link provided

  3. Attach timesheets, leave forms and employee contract documentation

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