Submit invoice(s) for payment


Use these tips to send invoices for payment

Getting started

To enable invoices to be processed, the business must be registered with Shared Services SA.  Invoices can be tracked after 5 business days if your invoice is lodged via email.  If you are unsure of the SA Government organisation, please contact the requestor of the goods or services being invoiced.

How to

Step 1  Attach and submit electronic invoice

Before attaching the invoice ensure it:

Step 2  Select Requestor Agency

Use the 'Get in touch' drop-down, select your agency to view email details to lodge invoice(s)

  • Using the displayed email address - email your tax compliant invoice(s)
  • Once submitted, your invoice(s) are loaded into our system (within 5 working days) and work flowed to the relevant government agency for review and approval in preparation for payment